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Friday, 25 March 2016

Algera Designs - A Favourite Of Mine

A friend asked me the other day " What  is one of the favourite Algera Designs digikits you have created ? "
I thought for a while as there are several, I do love deep tones and colours so decided on Jade
It works well for so many projects and I have found myself using it over and over again.
So here is a glimpse and some beautiful layouts for Inspiration.  

* Inspiration using the kit *

Credit to Rollinchen
Credit to Gill (Seaside Crafter)
Credit to Heather
Credit to Heather
Credit to Rollinchen

..And a new layout below created today..
With a little blending and colour change using the same kit.
Plus one additional image of the girl and her extremely cute Forever Friend.

Extending the possibilities with different ideas.
Sharing Inspiration

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