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Monday, 9 November 2015

Christmas Inspiration Series 2

Continuing the Christmas inspiration...
There are many different ways to create an advent calender yourself. This would be great for a young child or if you are like me well some big kids too.
Using your software chose an A4 page layout landscape style.
Choose a digikit to suit your project, I used the Magical Christmas digikit for this.

1. Place a Patterned background on the page
2.Place a plain paper centrally and crop to a rectangle
3. use a material, make it smaller then replicate 25 times 
(group 24 of the squares and save one for day 25)
4. choose a font of your choice and put in the numerals
5. Decorate with elements to suit the page
6. Add a heading to suit i.e. a name
7. Angle day 25's square to complete. 

Then it is your choice once printed how to take the idea further:

1. Cut each square on 3 sides, to make doors and create a pretty picture page to go behind it.
2. Just have the front page as a wall hanging and 25 small sweets/gifts to give out as each day is ticked off.

Decorate with glitter or other things you love.

You may have many other ideas
Please feel free to share your ideas in the comments section below and share inspiration with others

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Natasha said...

Love this project :)