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Monday, 21 April 2014

Things to do in Northampton & Cupcakes

Hi Everyone, hope you have been having a Blessed Easter and enjoying the warmer days. Rob and I spent a little time together celebrating our 8th Wedding Anniversary on the Saturday. One of my favourite parts of the day was in the morning when we went to a wonderful Parisian styled cafe in Northampton called Cafe C'est La Vie. It was as though we had been transported away from the bustle of town with beautiful music, shabby chic / Vintage decor and a gentle ambience. We had drinks and relaxed a while. Although we did not eat there on this occasion, we are looking forward to returning and trying the menu as it looked and smelt wonderful. The staff were friendly and made us feel very welcome too.

they have a facebook page if any more info is required

After this we visited St Giles Church which was open to all. We walked around their beautiful Easter themed displays, which depicted the Easter story beautifully. We were then able to talk with some of the members there and their Vicar Steve. Thank you to them too as they surprised us with a gift of a chocolate egg each, which was a lovely and thoughtful surprise.
They have a  web page  all about their church and activities.

We lunched mid-afternoon at the Cordwainer a Wetherspoons pub/restaurant as Rob really fancied a steak! So I joined him and we were pleasantly surprised with the quality, good service and pricing. There was seating upstairs which was a little quieter and we enjoyed a leisurely meal. 

Then it was time to go home...

In the evening  I did some baking, making cupcakes. Then on Sunday I scrapped a recipe page using one of the photos I took. Below is the original photo and the resulting page created in CAP2.

*Please feel free to copy this if you would like it*
Created using my Tea & cake digikit.

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