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Friday, 11 April 2014

PAST THE FENCE - a short story

(A short story)

Jane wondered what lay beyond the fence and dreamed each night of the adventures she might have. If only she could explore beyond its boundary? Being a lady of grace, always dressed immaculately was all well and good, but could be so dull. Jane longed to dress in casual clothes, jump over and see what was on the other side. So one day when no one was paying much attention Jane changed her attire and slipped out of the house quietly. A quick glance back to ensure no one had seen her and off she ran. Jumping as high as she could, Jane just made it over the fence and to her surprise found herself at the start of a most curious journey. 

There were old shoes, parasols and the most interesting items to behold. It was truly a treasure trove to explore and her curiosity grew. It was as though a bird had flown free from its cage, she felt as though she were flying into the unknown. Wondering who had owned these precious things and where were they now? As Jane thought and her mind drifted suddenly out of nowhere she heard beautiful music. It was a melodic tune yet tinged with sadness. Tears flowed down her face as she found a bag full of photos of people from the past. They appeared to stare back at her as though looking into her very soul. Jane now wondered quite what she had discovered, wishing there were names, maybe memories written down, clues to unravel her findings. But to no avail there were only the items, the photos and her imagination. 

Jane carried on looking, she delved deeper into the piles of items, hoping that maybe a letter, a diary or something would appear before her eyes. Then there it was, the clue she had been looking for. The most wonderful thing to behold a Scrapbook full of memories. Jane smiled, sat down and began to read. Each page with dates and photos, moments captured memories recorded. Snippets of past lives to treasure and enjoy. Well Jane was so happy she thought her heart could burst. She salvaged those precious things, bundled them into her arms and carried them all home to keep safe and protected from the elements. 

Jane had many more adventures after that day as it sparked in her a love and passion of  history and discovery, a thirst for finding out about past lives and stories untold. Each day that passed, Jane remembered that first jump over the fence and what lay beyond with fondness. 

The End

Past The Fence  
* Illustrated Page and short fictional story written by me
copyright Algera Designs

Inspired by Natasha's blog article at Escape And Scrap.
where you can read her wonderful story about Lucky and Buttercup

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Craftychris said...

Love the page and love the story! Truly magical! xx

Natasha said...

Great page and I love the story you've written to go with it :)

Tracy said...

This is so creative, I love it. Wonderful!